We love design! We enjoy building!

Tunnel and Bridge Technologies was founded by Bridge Technologies partners in 2015. The aim of this new company was to reflect through its name the extensive know-how, acquired as a result of more than 15 years of experience, in the design of underground structures in the parent company, and to show it as clearly available to our current and future Clients.

Developed works throughout these more than 15 years, both national and international, for all biggest Spanish construction companies, have consolidated a wide-ranging experience in lots of underground structures types: tunnels between diaphragm walls (more than 18 km in Spain and Saudi Arabia), cut and cover tunnels (more than 10 km in Costa del Sol Highway, Spanish High Speed Railways, etc.), precast concrete segments for TBM-bored tunnels (14 km in Madrid-Galicia High Speed Railway), ventilation shafts with a depth up to 60 m, evacuation shafts, large underground railway stations (AVE in Girona, AVE la Sagrera in Barcelona, Toronto metro), structural assessment of buildings affected by excavations (Eixample district in Barcelona, Devesa district in Girona), etc. The budget of several of these construction works exceeds 500 million euro, which proves our company’s capacity to deal with huge international projects.

Today, as ever, a philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation is one of the main features of our team, which results in an increasing capacity of response to our client needs.   We have designed innovative fiber reinforced concrete precast segments, without any conventional steel reinforcement, for a 30 km tunnel included in Majes Project in Perú, whose total budget is 550 million dollar. In addition to detailed design, technical support has been provided to the construction company in order to obtain administration approval.

The large experience in coordinated work with frontline construction companies, the support and expertise of our geotechnical advisors, our deep structural knowledge, and finally our passion to innovate and learn how to build using more competitive methods and procedures, constitute Tunnel and Bridge Technologies mission, whose Projects and Technical Directors are in charge of the same position in Bridge Technologies.

Our designs achieve optimization of construction cost and time, always within technical ethics. Our designs reach high quality standards and meet our client needs. That is why our company has been providing engineering services incessantly since its foundation in 2000 and that is why we can proudly state that our clients’ faithfulness has never wavered.