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Calle 13 Bridge in Pereira (Colombia) has been recently opened

Calle 13 Bridge has been recently opened in the municipality of Pereira (Colombia). It is an extradosed bridge, with a length of about 70 m. Tunnel and Bridge Technologies has been involved in the Project, providing technical advisory for the Designer and carrying out its revision. 


FCC receives New Civil Engineering Tunnelling award for the Bolaños Tunnel

FCC Construcción has received New Civil Engineering Tunnelling award for the Bolaños Tunnel, bored using TBM. Tunnel and Bridge Technologies provided technical support to these works, which consisted in the complete design of the precast tunnel segments, and also of the cut and cover tunnels situated at the extremes of the main tunnels. FCC’s award submission highlighted its innovative solution for the treatment of collapsed material, as well as the dual-component backfilling mortar injection system and the mixed-drilling system.

Bridge Technologies moves to new headquarters

Bridge Technologies has moved to a new office, located on the 6th floor of Trade Buildings’ North Tower, in 98 Gran Vía de Carlos III, Barcelona. New headquarters are located in one of the Barcelona’s main business areas, near María Cristina square, in the middle of Diagonal Avenue.

Bolaños tunnel has been completed

Bolaños Tunnel joint venture (formed by FCC Construcción, Acciona, Cyes Infraestructuras y Construcciones Llorente) has completed the boring of the Bolaños 2nd tunnel, located on the Madrid-Galicia High-Speed Line. Bolaños tunnels are two parallel single-track tunnels, each 6,7 km long, bored by means of a TBM. Excavation diameter is 9900 mm, and precast concrete segments are 370 mm thick.
Bridge Technologies has designed the precast concrete segments of the tunnel, and the cut and cover tunnels located at its extremes.