About us

Tunnel and Bridge Technologies is a civil engineering consultancy firm that focuses on the design of bridges, outstanding structures and underground construction.

Founded in 2001 by a group of Civil Engineers, advised by professors Angel C. Aparicio y Gonzalo Ramos, Bridge Technologies has a broad national and international experience, developing its works with the confidence of administrations and construction companies.

Bridge Technologies was created with the idea of developing bridge designs and conventional concrete, steel or composite structures with a high level of quality and, likewise, offering their customers a high technical level in innovative special designs.

The assiduous collaboration with several professors of different specialities from UPC (BarcelonaTech University) allows BT to benefit from their knowledge acquired from research, study and consultancy during over 30 years.

Besides, during these years we have been working on a great number of projects involving underground structures, especially cut and cover and TBM tunnels, as well as underground stations. For that reason, Tunnel and Bridge Technologies was founded in 2015 and both companies merged in November 2018 adopting, as trade name, Tunnel and Bridge Technologies.