Sagrera Station

Name and location
Intermodal station for high-speed railway (AVE), Suburban Trains (Local trains), metro, buses, taxis and private vehicles. Barcelona, Spain.

Key features
Total Length: 650m, with expansion / contraction joints every 48m
Width: 80 m approximately, without joints
Five levels and plant cover. Commercial buildings on the sea side and on the mountain side of the station.
Two levels underground and the remainder level are upper the street elevation

Lower Level: 8-way tracks for Suburban trains and connection with LAV and metro.
Level P-1 and P-2: private car parking
High Speed Line Level: 8 international wide tracks
Access and Lobby Level
Level of Coverage

Use: Intermodal
Materials: Reinforced concrete walls, piles and portal frames. Precast prestressed slabs. LAV level: prestressed concrete “in situ” portal frames and special precast prestressed concrete cross beams. Cover: reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel-concrete composite structures
Construction: Conventional way according their type

ADIF, Railway Infrastructure Manager (Spain)

2011-2014 (projected)

BT Intervention
Advisory and Checking of the construction project carried out by Acciona Ingeniería

General information
Construction pictures

General information

The new station The Sagrera is conceived as a modal interchange station for high speed trains, suburban trains (local trains), metro, city and intercity buses, taxis and private vehicles.

The structure consists of five levels and the cover. On the street surface, it will be located the platform for the High Speed Line, with four double track platform (eight tracks) and length 400 m and other two-way platform length of 200m.

The platforms for local trains and metro are placed at lower levels.

Between the two levels above mentioned, a car parking will be built for private vehicles.

It is further expected a parking railway area for 8-tracks 400-meter long and 2- tracks 330 meters long, at the end of the station, located in the area of Accesses of the Station project, also developped by Bridge Technologies.


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Construction pictures