Viaduct Pla de Caboters

Name and location
Viaduct over the Pla dels Caboters near the town of Pontus (Girona, Spain)
High Speed Line Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border. Section Pontós –Borrassà

Key features
Length: 442m.Prestressed concrete continuous beam. Spans: 33m+8x47m+33m)
Average height: 18m
Use: High Speed Railway
Materials: Reinforced concrete piers and prestressed concrete deck.
Construction: span by span method with the false work supported on the ground.

Railway Infrastructure Administrator ADIF, Spain

Years: 2007-2010

BT Intervention
Construction project for Construcciones SANDO, technical assistance and engineering to construction work.

General information
Construction pictures

General information

The viaduct over the Pla dels Caboters, is in the High Speed Line Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border, between Barcelona and the French border. Its total length is 442m, distributed in spans of : 33m + 8x47m +33m.

The static scheme is the classical for railway bridges:

– Prestressed concrete continuous box beam (3.24m constant height) supported on reinforced concrete piers and abutments.
– Longitudinal fixed point, against horizontal actions, placed on an abutment. The deck is transversally fixed to all piers by means of pot bearings.

It is noteworthy that the viaduct is located in an area of moderate seismic activity, with basic soil acceleration a = 0.09g, this action has being decisive in the design of many elements of the structure.

Foundations of piers and abutments are directly on footings.

The deck has been constructed by the span by span method on falsework directly supported on the ground. The cross section has been concreted in two phases


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Construction pictures