Viaduct over the Ter River

Name and location
Widening of the existing viaduct over the Ter River, between Salt and San Gregori municipalities, Girona
AP-7 Highway : La Jonquera-Salou. Stretch: Fornells – Vilademuls

Key features
Total Length: 700m (35.6m + 17x37m + 35.6m)
Average height: 7.5m
Use: Road
Materials: Reinforced concrete in piers and concrete prestressed beams in deck.
Construction: Span by span method, with crane

ACESA – Abertis.


BT Intervention
Construction Project for UTE COPISA – DRAGADOS, Technical assistance and engineering construction works.

General information
Construction pictures

General information

This project consist of the widening of an existing viaduct over the Ter river. The viaduct has a total length of 700m and it is placed in the AP-7 Highway between la Jonquera-Salou cities, stretch Fornells-Vilademuls. Spans: 35.6m+ 17×37 m+ 35.6m. Depth of the beams: 1.50m + concrete compression slab of 0.23 m depth.

This project is about the splitting of the AP-7 Highway from 2 to 3 lanes for each way. In order to do that, the new piers are executed in the outer sides of the existing lanes. The new part of the deck is done by 2 “U” beams and the concrete slab is placed at the top, connected to the existing deck.


Viaduct over the Ter River

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Construction pictures