Europa Bridge

Name and location
Viaduct over the Mondego River in Coimbra municipality (Portugal)

Key features
Bridge type: cable-stayed bridge with a main span 185.625m long and a three-dimensional lattice deck with top and bottom chords in concrete and trusses webs in steel.
Length: 330m
Average height: deck :20m above the river .Pylon: 75m above the deck
Use: Road bridge.
Materials: Reinforced concrete pylon and an hybrid three-dimensional lattice (structural steel tubes for the trusses webs and prestressed concrete for top and bottom slab chords).
Construction: Lateral span: precast segments supported by provisional steel towers and then pretressed after the epoxi resin at the joints had polymerized. Main span by the “in situ” cantilever ing method.

Institute for a Construção ICOR Rodoviária, Portugal


BT Intervention
Numerical Simulation by a 3D FEM analysis, step by step, of the cantilevering erection of the main span and the review report with proposed corrective measures for Somague-NOVOPCA CONSORTIUM.

General information
Construction pictures

General information

The Ponte Europe, on the Mondego River, consists of 4 spans of 45.00 + 50,625 + 165,625 + 45.30 m span. It is a bridge built in a semi-urban space, with a marked pedestrian traffic in addition. The span nº3, 165,625 m in length, are suspended ,by main of steel stays at its central axis, to a single mast, whose internal forces are balanced by the retention stays that are anchored directly to the foundation of the abutment 1. So that horizontal forces are balanced through the deck itself and vertical forces on the weight of the foundation element.

The designed deck is a three-dimensional lattice, with concrete slabs that act as top and bottom chords, and which support the vehicles and the pedestrian respectively; and diagonal structural steel tubes in inclined planes.

Spans 1 and 2 are mounted prefabricated on shoring curd directly supported on the ground. This construction method is used to slice 29, from which begins the construction of the section 3.

Span #3 is designed to assemble the precast segments of the deck by the cantilevering method, with a cable stayed tie between mast and deck that serves both in construction and in service. A gantry crane takes the precast segments from the park, embarking them on a pontoon and a Derrick (positioned on the previous segment of the deck, already assembled) and raises this new segment. This is presented as above, is glued with epoxy grout with the precedent segmente, and prestressed when the resin has cured, repeat the above operations. Every 2 segments is mounted a pair of front straps and Tesan specified forces, the same way the straps are mounted by retaining the overall balance of the structure is going to require. Construction project developed by GRID and modified by Bridge Technologies

Construction pictures