Pergola Viaduct OF1.4B BUS-HOV lanes

Name and location
Pergola Viaduct OF1.4B BUS-HOV lanes (Barcelona)

Key features
Length: 526.96 m of total length,divided in 33 spans of value: 15.48m + 31 x 16.0m + 15.48m
Average height: 20m
Use: Road
Materials: Reinforced concrete piers and isostatic prestressed precast U beams with “in situ” compression slab for deck.
Construction: Erections of precast elements with crane

TABASA Infraestructures i Serveis de Mobilitat SA.


BT Intervention
Independent Project Checking for Construction Management Payma CICSA. Construction project developed by Structural Research.

General information
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General information

This structure is a viaduct of 526.96 m in length, with 33 spans of value 15.48m + 31 x 16.0m+ 15.48m

The final longitudinal static scheme is divided in 3 sections: the first one is a continuous beam of 143.48m, followed by a 144m pergola sections and, finally, by a continuous beam of 239.48 m. The first expansion joint is placed between the first and the second sections, while the second expansion joint is placed 192 m forward, within the final sections of continuous beam.

In cross section, the platform width varies according to the needs of lanes. In the first section of continuous beam, the width of the platform is constant 10 m. In the pergola section, there is a central platform that incorporates a lane from the left and another lane from the right. In the last stretch of continuous beam, the width of the platform varies from 17.01 m to 10 m.

The structural cross section is a prestressed concrete box with ribs arranged every 4 m. The box section is achieved through a beam from precast concrete and the ribs are placed on the formwork panels.The slab is concreted afterwards. The final static scheme of the deck is continuous, due to the fact that the beams are prestressed one against another. All the beams have two bearings in cross section.

Over 128 m of length there are prestressed T girder ribs, connected at one end by DYWIDAG bar joists and at the other end are resting on walls, with lengths of 20 or 22 m.Multiple cross sections are not symmetrical, so they are formed by a rib like these to one side and a cantilevered ribon the other side. On a certain width of prestressed T ribs is supported the slab that forms the platform incorporating lanes, one on each side and not symmetrical.

The width of the platform varies from a minimum of 10 m on the pier 9 (total width of the deck of 11.5 m) to a maximum of 20.9 m on the pier 23 (full width of the slab 22, 4 m), which produces the second embodiment. In the pier 21, the last of the study reach, the width of the platform is of 16.23 m (deck wide: 17.73 m). The width of the platform of incorporation lanes is 6.75 m.
The construction project has been entirely developed by Structural Research
having being the mission of Bridges Technologies the checking of the project.


Pergola Viaduct OF1.4B BUS-HOV lanes

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