La Sagrera Park Footbridge

Name and location
Pedestrian Bridge over the Sagrera Park in the municipality of Barcelona.

Key features
Total length: 2700m, common span: 20m
Average height: 5m
Use: Pedestrians
Materials: Structural steel for piers and deck.
Construction: Construction with crane.

Barcelona-Sagrera Alta Velocidad (Barcelona-Sagrera High Speed)

BT Intervention
Construction project with Barcelona Regional, for “Barcelona-Sagrera Alta Velocidad “ (Barcelona-Sagrera High Speed Authority).

General information

General information

The pedestrian bridge is 2700m long, divided in typical spans 20m long where possible, and it is 5m width.

It has a high asymmetrical character in order to flatter the view of the park while when you are walking along it and, at the same time, it shows its most attractive side to the people walking around the park.

There are some particularities: -The pedestrian bridge crosses several ways and services so it has different spans length. Intermediate accesses to bridge also make some modifications. – It plant layout is continuously changing its orientation. In the transition of two sections with different orientations it is necessary to increase the width of the bridge up to 7.5m – In the point of the Sant Andreu Subway Station, the bridge is also widen up to 7.5.

The standard spans are about the 77.5% of the total length of the bridge, the special length spans are about the 8.5% and the other 14% left is for the widen sections of 7.5m.

The deck is continuous with joints every 100m approximately. The total depth of the section is 1.30m (constant), so the slenderness in the standard spans is L/15, which is quite good for a pedestrian bridge, so it has an economical solution.

The cross section of the deck is designed asymmetrical, with one lateral box beam with only a ribbed cantilever placed on the other edg


General top view I

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General top view II

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Solution 1, General section

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