Metro Toronto Schulich

Name and location

Schulich Building Tunnelling
407 Station and Northern Tunnels
Toronto Spadina Subway Extension
Toronto (Canada)

Key features

Twin tunnel 6 m diameter for metro built by EPB. Study of the passage under the Schulich building of the University of York.
3 storey building, symbolic, with large glazing and reinforced concrete walls facade.


University of York – TYSSE (Toronto Spadina Subway Extension)


OHL – FCC Limited Partnership

BT Intervention

Development of geomechanical models to determine settlements during the passage of the tunnel boring machine. Study of the structural consequences of such settlements in the Schulich building. Determination of the need or not of compensation injections. Consulting on-site during the passage of the tunnel boring machine.

Construction pictures



The Schulich building is a unique building of the University of York. The subway, when leaving the future station of the University of York runs below the building at a depth equivalent to a diameter of tunnel. The soil is a tilt of glacial origin. The original design included compensation injections the building prior to the construction of the tunnel. The first drills showed the difficulty of creating the compensation as they produced very large and unacceptable settlements.

BT team developed Plaxis 2D studies to evaluate the settlements due to the passage of the tunnel boring machine. To obtain realistic results an adjustment of parameters from real measured settlements produced before reaching the building was performed. From these analyses we developed a structural 3D model that evaluated possible damage to the building that were negligeable.

Once approved to pass without compensation an on-site assistance to the works was performed, including instrumentation control. The measured settlements were very close to the expected ones and the building did not suffer any damage.

Construction pictures