Metro de Toronto – 407 Station

Name and location

407 Highway Station
Project: 407 Station and Northern Tunnels
Toronto Spadina Subway Extension
Toronto (Canada)

Key features

Subway underground station. It consists of an enclosure with a shoring of steel piles with tiebacks. Inside it a permanent structure totally independent of the shoring is built. The dimensions are 164.5 m in length, 22 m in width, 18 m in depth.


University of York – TYSSE (Toronto Spadina Subway Extension)


OHL – FCC Limited Partnership

BT Intervention

Study of the construction procedure of 407 Station, with analysis of the shoring and modifications in the inner final structure to take into account all intermediate phases before the permanent state.

General information
Construction pictures



The 407Highway Station is an underground station of large dimensions formed by an enclosure with a shoring formed by steel piles with ground anchors. After the waterproofing of the enclosure, a totally independent internal structure is built, in reinforced concrete. As a requirement of the technical specifications, all anchors must be removed prior to completion of the permanent structure, not being able to leave anyone.

BT work consisted in analyzing the shoring together with the final structure to ensure that the internal forces due to the removal of the anchorage levels were resisted by the final structure. The interior structure was not designed for intermediate phases, but only for its final state. It was necessary to modify all the reinforcement to be able to resist the additional internal forces of the construction phases.

Construction pictures