Main Viaduct OF3.2B BUS-HOV lane

Name and location
MainViaductOF3.2B BUS-HOV lane (Barcelona)

Key features
Length: 692.80m. Spans: 44.1m +4x34m+45m+ 2×52.5m+45m+ 34m + 45m+43.2m +52.3m+52.7m+53.5m+37m
Average Height: 20m
Use: Road
Materials: Reinforced concrete piers and composite deck: spatial steel trusses with precast concrete compression slab..
Construction: Steel trusses launched by an auxiliary gantry beam. This auxiliary beam also erect the precast slabs

TABASA Infraestructures i Serveis de Mobilitat SA.

Years 2010-2011

BT Intervention
Independent Checking of Construction Project for Project ManagementPayma +CICSA.Construction Projectdeveloped by EIPSA

General information
Construction pictures

General information

The structure is a viaduct 692.8m in length, with 16 spans of 44.1 + 4×34.0 +45 x 2 x52.5 + 45 + 34 + 45 + 43.2 + 52.3 + 52.7 +53.0 + 37.0 m between pier axis.. The support of the spans is placedat 0.40m from the pier axis, so the span length for calculation is 0.80 m shorter than the separation of the pier axis.

The longitudinal static scheme is a succession of isostatic spans connected by a flexible top slab with expansion joints every 150m or so.

The cross-section, suitable for a platform of 11.5m, is a three-dimensional composite truss. Both the bottom chord as the webs chordsare designed with circular hollow tubes

The top chord consists of two metal ribs, reinforced with circular hollow tubes and steel plates, and connected to aconcrete compression slab of variable thickness. The compression slab is precast in lengths of 2.5m and 11.5m wide and have several niches in the areas where the connectors are placed.

The support of each span is placed at the height of the top chord of the truss, in an extreme reinforced cross beam and designed with a box section.
The construction process consistsoferecting the deck ,span by span, in a cycle that can be summarized as:

– After erection of span (i), transport of the truss of the span (i +1) by dolly over the portion of the deck built before.
– Installation of the steel truss (i+1) in its final position by a top auxiliary launching beam
– Placement of all precast concrete slab, concreting of the joints between the slabs and fulfilling all niches that hold the connectors.
– Progress aids and repetition of the cycle.


Main Viaduct OF3.2B BUS-HOV lane

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