ISOP Square Subway Station Barcelona, Spain

Name and location
Roof Cover for the shaft used in the execution for the enlargement of the tunnel of the Line 5 of Barcelona Subway, Spain.

Key features
Area to be covered: 1300m2
Average height of the backfill: 13m above.
Use: Underground railway.
Materials: Reinforced concrete and steel structure.
Construction: Conventional.

Metro de Barcelona. (Barcelona Subway Company, Spain).

Joint Venture “UTE LÍNEA 5 HORTA”

BT Intervention
Construction project for UTE LÍNEA 5 HORTA, technical assistance and construction engineering.

General information
Construction pictures

General information

This project is about the cover of the shaft used for the beginning of tunnel boring employed for enlarging the existing tunnel of the Line 5.

The cover is formed by one section of reinforced concrete and by another section of precast prestressed beams with maximums spans of 30m and with important sands loads over them.

Moreover, the cover is used to support the diaphragm walls of the shaft. So, the internal holes are properly braced in order to support the loads transmitted from the walls.

Construction pictures