Maçanet de Cabrenys Footbridge

Name and location
Footbridge in the town of Maçanet of Cabrenys (Girona, Spain).

Key features
Length: 35.3m (steel arc rib: 25m)
Average height: 7m (arc span / rise = 4.5)
Use: Pedestrian
Materials: Structural Steel and wooden planks for the deck floor.
Construction: Erection by crane.

CEDINSA dealership.

GISA Gestió d’Infrastructures S.A.

BT Intervention
Construction project for ASDOCONSULT

General information
Construction pictures

General information

It is an arched tubular structure with lattice tympanums. The whole structure is made of structural steel except the pavement, which is made of treated wood. All profiles used in the project are laminated on an industrial scale, so it is not required to prepare any profile with an specific sections.

The tubular structure has the advantage of smaller surface area exposed to the structures on the basis of closed profiles, so the aggressiveness of the environment on them and maintenance is greatly reduced. However, this sort of structure presents the disadvantage of a more complicated implementation, but no longer a problem for workshops with appropriate means.

The arch is made by only one tube with outer diameter of 355.6mm, with circular directrix of radius of 16.9m. The span is 25.045m between supports and the rise is 5.5m.

The diagonals have an outer diameter of 193.7mm and they are supported on the arch every 4.80m. Diagonals have a different elevation angle according to their position. The final geometry is similar to a ruled surface generated by a straight and a circular guideline

The deck is made by two side tubes with 273.0mm of outer diameter, supported on the diagonal every 4.80m with IPE-180 cross girders. There is a cross horizontal truss that gives stiffness in that plane and allows to transmit wind loads and horizontals shears to the abutments. In the abutments, there are placed lateral stops to bear the horizontal reactions.
This structure is also projected to live in harmony and respect with the existing arch bridge made of stone, placed nearby. The rise of the bridge has been specifically designed to match with the rise of the existing bridge, so it does not interfere the existing bridge.


General top view and cross section

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General view

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Longitudinal section

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Cross section

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Construction pictures