Name and location

Cut and Cover Tunnels Sant Julià I and II in the municipality of Sant Julià de Vilatorta (Barcelona).

Key features

Length: 360 m (Sant Julià I) and 120 m (Sant Julià II).
Width: 11.50 m
Materials: Reinforced concrete, with precasted vault.
Construction: the lower part of the cross-section is drilled in the rock as a trench, reaching its final dimensions exactly. Precasted vaults are placed on concrete footings casted onto the rock.


CEDINSA Concessionària / GISA (Gestió d’Infraestructures S.A.)




Construction project for COPISA, technical assistance and engineering construction work focused on the footings. Revision of the project of the precasted vault.

General information
Construction pictures

General information


Cut and cover Tunnels Sant Julià I and II are located in the municipality of Sant Julià de Vilatorta, near Vic (Barcelona). They are part of the works of the C-25 road (Eix Transversal de Catalunya) capacity enlargement.

Since both tunnels are placed in good quality rock, lateral walls are vertical and drilled directly in the rock. As a result, the lower part of the transverse cross-section is a trench. Once the excavation is completed, footings are casted against the rock, on the top of the trench. Footings dimensions are 0.80×0.80 m2 for Sant Julià I, and 1.50×1.50 m2 for Sant Julià II.

The structure of the vault is hyperstatic, with its displacements restrained by the footings and no hinge in the crown. It is 11.50 m width, with a depth of 0.30 m and a rise of 2.40 m. The maximum backfilling over the crown is 3.90 m for Sant Julià I, and 15.50 m for Sant Julià II.

Transverse cross-section of both tunnels has been analyzed using PLAXIS software in order to consider the asymmetry during the backfilling, and the slope of the final ground level. Obtained results were used to reduce footings dimensions and reinforcement.



Falsos túneles Sant Julià. Planta y alzado

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Falsos túneles Sant Julià. Sección transversal

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Falsos túneles Sant Julià. Zapata túnel II

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Cosntruction pictures