Cemetery Overpass OF2.1 BUS-HOV lanes

Name and location
Cemetery Overpass OF2.1 BUS-HOV lanes (Barcelona)

Key features
Length: 85 m in length, with 3 spans: 15m + 55m + 15m
Average Height: 10m
Use: Road
Materials: concrete abutments, composite deck concrete-steel
Construction: Installation of steel beams with crane

TABASA Infraestructures i Serveis de Mobilitat SA.


BT Intervention
Independent Checking of the Project for Construction for Project Management Payma +CICSA.

General information
Construction pictures

General information

It is a bridge of 85 m in length, with 3 spans of 15 + 55 + 15m. The longitudinal static scheme is a continuous beam of variabledepth. The cross-section, suitable for a platform of 12 m wide, is a composite deck conformed bythree “I” steel girders of variable depthwith a concrete compression slab poured on thin precast concrete slabs. The transverse separation between the longitudinal beams is 5 m. These beams have longitudinal stiffeners formed by oblique plates welded between his web and hisflanges, creating a double triangulation in the top chord and bottom chord.The height of the longitudinal beams and the thickness of the plates is variable along the length of the bridge.

In cross section, the steel beams are arranged every 5 mby means of cross beams. These beams also have varying characteristics along the length of the bridge, and his thicknessis always lower than the longitudinal beams. The cross beams are flush on top with the longitudinal beams. Connectors join the steel beams with with concrete slab on both types of beams. It is stressed that the diaphragms located at the ends of the bridge supports are reinforced concrete, so that, in addition to its own structural function, serve to improve safety against lifting at the corresponding supports.

At the joints between the longitudinal and transverse girders are welded vertical T profiles as a stiffener in order to prevent buckling of the bottom flange of the longitudinal beams, working as anentry element for introducingvertical reactions of the supports and to ensure the horizontal transfer of internal forces from the slab to the supports.

Each abutment consists of three trapezoidal shaped buttresses. In the front part of the buttresses is placed the innersupport of the longitudinal beams, while in the rear part of the buttresses is placed the outter support, which is 15m separated from the inner support. In the outter support is designed a vertical prestressed to prevent the lifting of the deck. .

The construction project was developed entirely by CICSA.


Cemetery Overpass OF2.1 BUS-HOV lanes

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