Can Pamies Aqueduct

Name and location
Footbridge-Aqueduct in the town of Sant Celoni (Barcelona)

Key features
Span: 54.0m
Average height: 5m
Use: Pedestrian + aqueduct
Materials: reinforced concrete abutments and deck formed by two Warren truss of structural steel.
Construction: Installation by crane.

ATLL Aigües Ter-LLobregat.

Years: 2011

BT Intervention
Construction project for CENSA

General information
Construction pictures

General information

The basic artery water conduction from the ITAM of the Tordera to the stage of Cardedeu ATLL, must cross over the river Tordera near the municipality of Sant Celoni. This is the reason why the aqueduct has been designed and it is presented in this paper. An agreement between ATLL and the City of Sant Celoni allows an additional pedestrian use of the structure, creating an aqueduct- footbridge

The design is a composite structure with two lateral trusses and a top compression concrete slab, so it hosts a 1400mm diameter pipe between the two knives of the steel structure and pedestrian traffic is allowed on the compressiontop slab.

The Property was consulted about the possibility of having the usual equipment expansion joints and / or flexible tubes at the ends of the pipe, on both abutments, which would eliminate completely the problems of vertical deflections of the structure, but the property chosed to decrease the value of deflections and maintain the continuity of the pipe in both abutments.

Therefore, the structure is designed as isostatic against the selfweight in construction, and as fixed-ended at both abutments in phase of service, reducing the deflections that should support the pipe.

Key Features:
Spans: 1.8 + 50.4 + 1.8 m ( Length = 54.0m)

Platform is 4.3m wide, 3.2m of which are useful only for pedestrian traffic. The remaining 2 x 0.55m byeach edge act like lateral cantilevers and have two functions: the structural one and the protection of the steel structure of the sun and rain.

The structure has a constant total depth of 2.46m (approx. L/24). Steelstructure partial depth is 2.26m and compression slab has variable thickness between 0.20 and 0.25m. Lateral trusses are separated 2.35m and are formed by standard rolled steel profiles.

Construction pictures