Manzanal del Barco Bridge

Name and location
Bridge over the reservoir dam of Ricobayo in the municipality of Manzanal del Barco (Zamora, Spain)

Key features
Cable Stayed Bridge
Total Length: 478.57m
Spans: 29m (counterweight) + 62.783m + 295m + 62.783 + 29m (counterweight)
Average height: 30m above board to the reservoir. Tower height 95m
Materials: concrete towers and deck
Construction: Laterals spans on falsework supported on the ground. Central span by the cantilever method.

Diputación Provincial de Zamora.

This solution did not win the competition

BT Intervention
Design for Ferrovial-Agroman construction company for a competition “Design and Built “competition.

General information

General information

New cable stayed bridge bridge over the reservoir dam of Ricobayo in Manzanal del Barco, Zamora, Spain. The overall length is 478.57m and is distributed in the followings spans: 29.0m in counterweight + 62.783m + 295m + 62.783m + 29m counterweight. It is designed to decommission the current arch bridge, whose platform is insufficient and whose condition does not guarantee the safety standards required today.

The static scheme is a two-tower cable-stayed bridge, with both lateral spans fixed at the abutments and a central span with a disposition of bearings, at the center line, that allows longitudinal displacements but transmit bending moments. The planned construction of side spans was on falsework resting on the ground and the construction of main span was planned by the cantilever construction method.

Reinforced concrete towers are 94m-high and each one support 2 x2 x 11 stays which gives bearing to a concrete deck , suitable for a wide platform 11.0m , deck conformed by two longitudinal ribs and a central slab bending between them. The total deck depth is 1.8m (L/165).

The tower foundation is done by submerged caissons filled with cyclopean concrete and tail connected with the bedrock of slopes reservoir.


Manzanal del Barco Bridge 1

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